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Join The 3AM Teacher, the Reading Olympians, and over 80 SUPREME education bloggers as we take you through a tour of the Reading Olympians Root Study Program!!

A few weeks back a call went out to anyone willing to try the Reading Olympians Root Study Program. This program was created by the gals over at Reading Olympians. I am always game for something new programs in my classroom, so I jumped at the chance. Now I'm linking up with lots of other teachers who also gave it a try. Be sure to click the torch at the end of this post to read more about this unique program!
After receiving the pack, I looked it over quickly and then spring break came along. When I returned to school on Monday, I realized the linky was going live on Saturday! Oh my goodness! I had to get myself in gear. I did have a brief moment of panic about how I would incorporate this into my curriculum, but that quickly subsided and everything soon came together. Just a little background about my class: I teach 19 third grade gifted/high achievers. They are a motivated group, yet a little on the young side. I am not dealing with any behavior issues (I feel so lucky and a little guilty!). They are really one of the best classes I've ever had. I think that's important for you to know as you read about how I implemented these activities.

I'm going to show you how we used the graphic organizers in pictures. Here goes:

So there you have it. A small glimpse into the Reading Olympian program. There are so many ways you could make this program your own or  certainly use it as is. I am going to continue using it this year as Word Work and I will continue to have the kids keep the forms in their notebooks. As the new school year approaches, I will plan out a regular routine.

Discover the program IN ACTION in more K-6th grade classrooms as you Pass the Torch!! Get ideas, discover the progression of the program, and enter the Raffle for a chance to win ONE of the three prizes listed below!!

First Place Winner : Gold Medal

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