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Here are my (revised) Parts of Speech Bookmarks. There are 2 bookmarks per page. One page each for proper nouns, common nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

 I don't like to teach grammar in isolation. It just doesn't work. When I first started teaching (about 100 years ago) we used a grammar text book. Kids learned about nouns and then they underlined the nouns in 25 sentences that we made them copy from a book. When they learned about punctuation, they copied another 25 sentences and stuck a period at the end! What in the world were we thinking? They didn't master grammar! Thankfully, I did not continue this practice for very long! As I started reading more professional resources and learning more about teaching writing, I started to understand a better way. In my classroom, I do my best to incorporate as much grammar as I can in to reading and writing (what a concept! LOL!). During Read to Self time, my students use these bookmarks to keep track of parts of speech that they find along the way. These are a simple tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. I like to give them one after we study a particular part of speech. They keep them in their just right books as they read and I do collect them for a grade.

Other ideas:
*Use in a collaborative group setting. Groups can be given a different bookmark and hunt for great words. Later they can share their words.
*Use during an author study to find great words a particular author uses in their writing. These can be glued into writer's notebooks to be used as a reference throughout the year.
*For the end of the year, use them as an assessment tool or as a review. What a great assignment to do after text books have been collected!

I made them large so there is plenty of room to write, especially for younger learners. Print them on cardstock for durability. I hope you find them useful in your classroom!


  1. What a wonderful idea - thanks for sharing! These bookmarks are too cute...and functional!

    I like your thought on not teaching grammar in isolation - kids need to see it in real life and grapple with it if they are ever to have any lasting mastery of the concepts.

    Joy in the Journey

  2. These bookmarks are just perfect for my students. Thanks for sharing! They will help my readers focus on how the parts of speech work in our language/reading to help us make meaning!

    The Teacher's Desk 6

  3. I love these bookmarks! Great idea!
    Sending you good testing karma for next week! I can't wait for testing to be over.. that's all we will be doing the next two weeks!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans


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